Green Energy Token

New Crypto Project
2 min readJun 26, 2021

The site Presents a new project that has great potential and great interest.

A token to make the world a better and greener place. GreenEnergy is a community driven deflationary charity token with future projects to reduce our carbon footprint by making renewable energy sources more accesible.

About Green Energy Token

Welcome to Green Energy Token (GET). The Founders of this token believe in the future of sustainable energy sources like wind, water and sun. GET’s purpose is to support the development of the green energy technology by participating as investors in new and existing green energy companies. Investing both in development and research projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is planning on reducing the adverse effects that this astronomical amount can bring to the world by incentivizing using renewable energy sources to mine Bitcoin..

Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce carbon footprint by making renewable energy sources more accessible. As Green Energy Token, we are determined and highly motivated, and made it our goal to invest, to establish, and support projects which incentivize the usage of renewable energy sources.

More about this token on their website: Green Energy Token